Me 2 FAQs

1 Q: How do I know my credit card details are safe?
A: Privacy is as important to us as it is to you, so we use DPS payment system.
2 Q: How soon will my order arrive?
A: We use Courier Post for most metropolitan areas it is the next day for every else 2 to 3 days.
3 Q: How many Capsules should I take?
A: Me2 Lifestyle is a Super Strength 604mg Capsule recommended Dosage is based on weight, 1 Capsule per day with food up to 70Kg, 2 Capsule per day with food over 70Kg
4 Q: How long before I will see a change?
A: Everyone is different however you should start to notice some benefits within a few days for maximum benefit it is recommended you take Me2 Lifestyle for 3 months.
5 Q: Can I take any time during the day?
A: Yes you can however it is recommended you take Me2 Lifestyle with your evening meal
6 Is it made in New Zealand?
A: Me2 Lifestyle is made in India by an internationally ISO certified Factory.
7 What is in Me2?
A: We use only the best quality herbs in the manufacture of Me2 Lifestyle. All ingredients are tested to WHO standards. Our raw material suppliers are also ISO accredited. For a breakdown of whats in Me2 Lifestyle refer to the ingredients tab on the web site.
8 Q: What is a Veg Capsule?
A: Me2 Lifestyle uses a 100% natural vegetable extract Capsule, appropriate for vegetarians and Vegans.
9 Q: How do I know it is what is says it is?
A: We guarantee the quality of Me2 Lifestyle. Our factory and raw material suppliers are ISO accredited, all ingredients are tested to WHO standards and every batch is tested in a government testing facility.
10 Q: Can Women take it?
A: Me2 Lifestyle is formulated for both Men and Women
11 Q: Can my 12 year old son take Me2?
A: Sorry Me2 is not suitable for children
12 Q: Who is He and She Products
A: He and She Products is a New Zealand company owned and operated by Kiwis who saw a need in New Zealand for a high quality 100% Natural Dietary Supplement Me2 Lifestyle
13 Q: My Wife is pregnant can she take Me2?
A: Me2 Lifestyle is not recommended to take during pregnancy or while breast feeding.
14 Q: I have a heart complaint can I take Me2?
A: We recommend that anyone under medical supervision consult their doctor prior to taking Me2.

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